All of its greatness.

One of the things I enjoy about Los Angeles is the abundance of specialized food vendors. You can find a restaurant, market, food stall or food fair for pretty much anything. I love Asian cuisines and discovered all too soon how dangerously close our new apartment was to the Little Osaka district. So, when I was invited to experience the 626 Night Market in Orange County, I thought it sounded fun and was intrigued about what kinds of delicious treats I'd find. But I was not fully prepared.


Cheesy pork buns. Still dreaming about these,.

Each stall was better than the next. There were Ramen burgers, something I'd become familiar with living in NYC, and then there was RAMEN PIZZA! And not just steamed pork buns, but pork buns griddled with melty cheddar cheese! And not just green tea ice cream, but green tea ice cream served in a flower pot, with chocolate cookie "soil," gummy worms and an actual PLANT. I got too excited and overate, because I have the inability to pace and limit myself at fairs/buffets/Costco. 

Why is it in a bag? Who cares? I have to have it.

Ended the evening with a sophisticated dessert.

'Til next year...