I love food.  I love to eat.  I wake up every morning wondering what I’m going to cook and eat that day. It’s an obsession and curiosity that began at a young age. My parents still tease me that I was the only child in my preschool to take a shrimp cocktail for lunch. I really didn't want to waste my time on a PB&J. 

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I attended Butler University in Indiana and spent two summers studying and working abroad in Paris and London. Naturally, my most vivid memories are not of my actual studies overseas, but more of the ham and butter sandwiches at the shop next to the Parisian school and the spicy crayfish noodles I'd stock up on in London. After graduating with a degree in journalism and public relations, I moved to New York City with the intention of working in fashion public relations.  After a couple years of being unhappy in “traditional” jobs, I decided I would make food my career instead of a favorite past time.  I decided to enroll in the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) in lower Manhattan, graduating at the top of my class.  Upon graduation, I began working as a chef for a luxury appliance manufacturer, performing recipe testing and leading cooking classes for clients.  During this time, I realized how much I loved cooking in an intimate setting for people who want to experience creative and delicious food.

Months later, I relocated to Los Angeles with my husband and our French Bulldog after five years in NYC.  I decided the move to Los Angeles would be an excellent time to transition from a corporate career to what would make me truly happy: establishing myself as a private chef and caterer.

Being a private chef is fulfilling because it allows me to combine my technically trained background with my creative side to produce thoughtful and delicious menus, exclusively tailored to each client. I get so much joy out of seeing food bring people together.

Please contact me for any inquiries or requests.  I look forward to cooking for you!